Thursday, February 08, 2007

Taking a nap

Driving taxis and rickshaws is not a very easy job, as sometimes you have to wait for long time before you can get a fare. When you do get a fare. This rickshaw driver is taking a nap on the back seat of his rickshaw on a lazy afternoon. He gets the rest he needs and when someone comes to him, he will jump up, rub his eyes and will be ready to go. I like the kind of graphics they have in their rickshaws that include pictures of movie starts to other things like this hand and rose.

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Anonymous Ashish Sidapara said...

They are funny in many ways, especially the mithun fans with 5-10 mirrors placed around them.

9:43 PM, February 08, 2007  
Blogger photowannabe said...

I love this candid shot. I guess if you have to rest you do it whereever you need to.

12:08 AM, February 10, 2007  

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