Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yellow Titan

I have mentioned earlier as well, if not here than in my other blogs that JV Link Road is taking forever to be completed. My nephew Bharat clicked this picture of the roller when he was visiting us in June last year. The work on this road is still going on. The time it takes to build roads in Bombay and their conditions is pathetic but what is even more amazing is the kind of things you will see on roads. Usually you have trucks to carry heavy machinery like this or earthmovers but in Bombay they share the road with other traffic. If this is to be transported to another place, they will simply drive it to that place. If you are thinking how long it will take then think how relevant it is. The wages of the operator or should I say driver of this roller will be so low that it will be cheaper to let him drive it instead of hiring a truck to carry it even if it takes a whole day to drive this damn thing to destination.


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